Friday, July 17, 2009

Preview my new website!!

Hello, everyone. I've been hard at work developing my new website and blog. You can get a sneak peak at There you can visit my new WordPress blog as well. I know what you're thinking: "But Josh, I'm subscribed to this blog. What do I do when you move???" Settle down. When the time comes I will provide with a 34-step instruction list that must be followed EXACTLY! Until then, sit back and relax. Worry about something less severe, like the economy.

UPDATE 7/25/09: My website is now updated and can be viewed at

I'm also interested in your constructive feedback. This is your chance to tear me down (but please do it constructively). Comments welcome are:
"Love the site, but this is confusing to me…",
"The navigation is hard, and this is why."
Comments NOT welcome are:
"It looks weird on my browser. I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0".

Simply leave your comments on this post, or email me at I thank you in advance.

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